Customer Testimonials

5 out of 5 stars - The vehicle I came to look at is not the vehicle I ended up with, but instead Chelsea at Goodfella's was able to get me into something so much better! Excellent customer service!
Katie Ingham
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They took real good care of me. They got me approved within a few minutes and I have a low credit score. I am so thankful for a second chance to get my credit right and I have the truck I love! The staff were amazingly awesome! Friendly and courteous.
Francie B.
Tacoma, WA
Compassionate and extremely accommodating

I was referred to this dealership by a family member who had worked with their team previously and from the minute I walked into the door they made me feel at home. Buying a car can be a very intimidating process but everyone worked as a team to make it seamless. I loved that I only had to speak with two people throughout the whole process and everyone was on the same page. Richard and Chelsea kept in contact with me and made sure I was getting into the right car with the right payment. When it's time to trade in my car I won't deal with anyone else. They have me "sold" me on a job well done! I now have a fabulous new car that I have been taking lots of adventures in :)
Angela Farler
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I was looking online for Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara to purchase. I searched for months trying to find the one that fit all my needs with the price that I could afford. Finally I came across the jeep that had everything I wanted at Goodfellas Motor Co in Tacoma. I called to make an appointment to test drive the jeep and fell in love not only with the jeep but the whole staff. Aislinn the sales person and Tara the owner were awesome. The price was way less than all the other car dealers I checked out and I would definitly recommend anyone looking to buy a used vehicle to go to Goodfellas Motor Co.
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I couldn't be more pleased with my experience at Goodfellas! If I could give them 10 stars, I would! Kyle and Chealsea made the entire process so fun and easy! They didn't pressure me or anything. They were both so helpful and worked really hard to get me the best deal possible! I absolutely love my new SUV and will be sending all of my friends and family their way! If you are looking for a great vehicle at a great price as well as great customer service, I highly encourage you to go to Goodfellas! I NEVER write reviews, but I had to share my experience with this dealership.
Torri V.
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Megan wanted to trade up from her old Pontiac Sunfire into something with a little more room. Fortunately for her we had just the thing. She instantly fell in love with our Saturn Vue and simply had to drive it home. We hope you're enjoying your new SUV Megan!

"I put my mind to buying a car today, and went to Goodfellas to look at a Saturn Vue. Chelsea already had a test drive route planned out. She was knowledgeable but not pushy and helped me buy the first car I've ever bought on my own! She was great."
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Leslie's sporty and spacious BMW X5!
We are all so excited for Leslie for buying her new BMW X5! Leslie was looking for something that was spacious and safe yet sporty at the same time! She sure found all of these qualities in her new X5.. Congratulations, Leslie!! We know you'll love driving your new BMW!!
Purchased a 2005 BMW X5 4.4i
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Tim's new convertible for the summer!
Tim came to Goodfella's looking for a new convertible and he found just that when he saw our Audi S5!! This car will be perfect for our warm summer days! 
Enjoy your new ride, Tim!
Purchased a 2010 Audi S5
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Julianne's new Hyundai Veloster!!
Julianne is so excited about her new Hyundai Veloster!! She had played soccer with Tara and Lani for many years, and now she gets to see how the Goodfella's operate off the field!
It was a pleasure working with Julianne and her family -- enjoy! - Lani
Purchased a 2012 Hyundai Veloster
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Congratulations to AJ on his immaculate new BMW M3! Hope you love your new car!

"I give this dealership the highest rating, I purchased my dream car from this dealership and they made my experience the best. Mike gave me a really fair trade in on my trade and made it affordable for me to drive off the lot with my new vehicle. Everyone from the car salesman to the staff and financing office Tara helped me from the start and made it seem less for me to get my new vehicle didn't have a lot of time and she couldn't have taken care of me any better!!! Will buy another vehicle from here in the future!!!"
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Sarah and Joel found exactly what they needed when it came time to upgrade their ride for their growing family. Enjoy your new Lincoln MKX, guys!

"We bought a 2007 Lincoln MKX from this dealership two weeks ago. Chelsea was easy to work with, she wasn't your typical pushy car sales women. She was laid back and easy going. We dread going to car dealerships, but this was our best experience yet buying a car. We found what we were looking for online, came in for a test drive, they gave us a fair deal to trade in my Mazda 6, and we were out of there with our SUV. It was a fast, and hassle-free process. They have a wide variety of quality cars on their lot. Thanks again Chelsea and Goodfella's. Would recommend you check them out."
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Phannsy and Dana's luxurious SUV
Dana and Phannsy came in looking for a luxury, mid-size SUV and fell in love with the BMW X5 when they came to Goodfella's. They had quite a few to choose from but the 2006 BMW X5 4.4i caught their attention! We are so happy that Phannsy and Dana found their new vehicle here at Goodfella's! Thank you for your business!!
Phannsy and Dana
Purchased a 2006 BMW X5 4.4i
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The perfect Nissan Altima for Javier!
Congratulations to Javier on his 2008 Nissan Altima! The process was so quick and easy, Javier left in his new car the same day he came in.
Thank you, Javier, we appreciate your business!
Purchased a 2008 Nissan Altima
Leslie's Goodfella's experience
"I have purchased my fair share of cars and SUVs, about 20 to date..This is by far the best experience I have ever had!!! I always ask to have all the paper work filled out and waiting for me, so I don't waste time in those waiting rooms, I was in and out within 15 min..
I had the best experience and if my new truck is as good as it seems to be so far, I will return to Goodfella's with my friends and family to purchase more cars... Thanks so much!" -Leslie
Purchased a 2008 Land Rover Range Rover Sport
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Jess and Patsy's new sporty BMW
"Very positive experience. Ran with email comment to purchase a vehicle. Sales/management very patient as we started with one vehicle in mind and wound up in a different vehicle. We expect to get many years of service from the vehicle and we will be back to find our next car!"
Congratulations, Jess and Patsy! We enjoyed working with you both. Enjoy your new BMW!
Jess and Patsy
Purchased a 2009 BMW 335i
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Ian and Dakota came back to Goodfella's for their second car!
Before his wedding, Ian had bought a 2007 Dodge Caliber from Goodfella's. He loved his experience here so much that he brought his wife, Dakota in to find a second car for them! They were looking for a mid-size SUV, and this 2008 Nissan Xterra fell perfectly into their desired category for a vehicle. We are so glad that Ian and Dakota came back to us to find another vehicle!
We appreciate your business, enjoy your new Xterra! -Maggie
Ian and Dakota
Purchased a 2008 Nissan Xterra
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Amber's Special Birthday Present!
"Everyone was so kind and helpful! Thank you for getting me into my new birthday present! :-)" -Amber
Happy Birthday, Amber!! We enjoyed working with you and your family. Enjoy your new Grand Caravan!
Amber and Jacob
Purchased a 2012 Dodge Grand Caravan
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David and Jamie's new Dodge Caliber R/T!
David (not pictured) and Jamie were looking for a vehicle that was spacious, yet economical. After test driving a few cars, they decided that the Dodge Caliber was the best car for them! They had heard good things about Goodfella's so they decided to check us out. David and Jamie, we appreciate your business and we all hope you enjoy your new car!!
David and Jamie
Purchased a 2007 Dodge Caliber R/T
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The perfect SUV for Jason and Steven's dogs!
Congratulations to Jason and Steven on their new 2010 Jeep Commander! They needed a car that would be suitable for their dogs and after looking around, the Commander was the perfect fit. Jason and Steven were so enthusiastic and excited to work with us, which made the process so easy! The two of them kindly wrote us the following review: "Such a great experience. Fun & easy transaction. Made purchasing a large ticket item a very comfortable and stress free experience."
Jason and Steven
Purchased a 2010 Jeep Commander
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Claudio's new work truck!
Claudio finally got a new, handy work truck for his maintenance job!! He had been looking for a while, and this Dodge Dakota had everything he was looking for. We worked with Claudio to get financing and he was so excited when it was all said and done! Thank you so much, Claudio, we appreciate you!
Purchased a 2005 Dodge Dakota
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Megan's 2012 Ford Fusion!
Megan was so excited to find that we had the exact car she wanted! She had a black 2012 Ford Fusion before, and she wanted the same exact car. Thankfully, we had what she was looking for.. a black 2012 Ford Fusion!! We are so glad we could help you, Megan, enjoy!
Purchased a 2012 Ford Fusion
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Treasa's huge new truck!
Congratulations to Treasa on the purchase of her lifted 1995 Dodge Ram! We all enjoyed working with you here at Goodfella's. Your daughter is going to have so much fun in this truck!
Purchased a 1995 Dodge Ram
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Naikeisha's Jaguar XF
Naikeisha originally came to Goodfella's during October looking for a Jaguar because she had always wanted one. After some time, everything fell into place and Naikeisha along with her boyfriend, Alex, were able to drive off the lot with their new Jaguar XF! We are all so happy for Naikeisha and we really loved doing business with her and Alex.
Thank you for your business! Enjoy! -Maggie
Purchased a 2010 Jaguar XF
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Michael's 2012 Honda Civic
Congratulations to Michael on his new 2012 Honda Civic Coupe! He was kind enough to write the following testimonial: "Exceeded my expectations above and beyond. Exceptional customer service and hospitality. A+++, willing to work with you no matter what!"
We all appreciate your business, Michael! Thank you for choosing Goodfella's! -Chelsea
Purchased a 2012 Honda Civic
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Martin's Perfect 4x4 Truck For The Winter!
Martin and his family were looking for a new truck that would be good for these icy winter months! This Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD was perfect for what Martin and his family needed, and we are so happy they came by. Thank you so much for coming all the way from Belfair to see our Silverado, we all appreciate your business!! -Maggie
Purchased a 2004 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD
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Alan's Fun and New Jeep Wrangler!
Alan came to Goodfella's originally looking for a smaller pickup truck. After taking a better look around, a 2014 Jeep Wrangler caught his eye! Alan and his wife Kay were so excited to have another Jeep Wrangler again because these cars are so much fun. Alan's grand daughter, Dakota, was also very excited about the new Wrangler!! It was a pleasure working with Alan and his family and we all really appreciate their business. Enjoy!! -Maggie
Alan, Kay, and Dakota
Purchased a 2014 Jeep Wrangler Sport
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Alfonso's new Mazda MPV!
Alfonso and his family came to Goodfella's in need of a spacious, affordable, well maintained minivan. Fortunately, we had exactly what he was looking for!! All of us here hope Alfonso and his family enjoy their new Mazda MPV!
Purchased a 2005 Mazda MPV
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Haley's BMW X5!
Congratulations to Haley on her new X5!! Haley and her boyfriend, Brandon, had been looking for an X5 for quite some time until they found the perfect match here at Goodfella's. She was so excited about all of the options this car had and the all wheel drive is perfect for this winter weather! Enjoy your new BMW, Haley! -Lani
Haley and Brandon
Purchaed a 2009 BMW X5
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Jacquelyn's dream BMW X5
Congratulations to Jacquelyn and Rolando on their new BMW X5! Jacquelyn had always wanted a white BMW, and she made that dream come true when she found her new car here at Goodfella's! We all hope you enjoy your spectacular, new X5!! Thank you for your business!
Rolando and Jacquelyn
Purchased a 2005 BMW X5
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Chelsae's new Ford Fusion
Chelsae was in the market for a newer sedan, and she came to the perfect place to find one. She came across her 2012 Ford Fusion online and made the decision to purchase once she saw the beautiful car in person! Chelsae and her grandmother drove all the way up from Olympia for this vehicle, and we are so glad they did! Enjoy your new Fusion, Chelsae, we all really appreciate your business!!
Purchased a 2012 Ford Fusion
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Cody's Lifted Silverado 2500 HD!
Congratulations to Cody and his girlfriend on their 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD! Cody was in the market for a huge, lifted, diesel truck and that is exactly what he found here at Goodfella's. Thank you for coming all the way from Cle Elum, Cody, and we really appreciate your business! Enjoy!!
Purchased a 2003 Silverado 2500 HD
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Taylor's Toyota Tacoma!
Taylor and her parents came all the way from Hawaii to find the perfect vehicle that Taylor could take with her to college at Eastern Washington University. They needed a vehicle that could handle the icy Eastern Washington weather, and this is what this 4x4 truck is made for! We hope you enjoy your new truck and good luck at college this year, Taylor!
Purchased a 2001 Toyota Tacoma
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Craig's Maserati Spyder Cambiocorsa!
Congratulations to Craig for buying a 2005 Maserati Spyder! Craig was in the market for a fast, new sports car and that is exactly what he found here. This vehicle was "like-new" with only 5,000 original miles!! We truly appreciate your business, Craig, and we hope you have fun in your new Maserati!
Purchased a 2005 Maserati Spyder Cambiocorsa
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Bailey and William's sporty X5!
Bailey and William came in looking for a fun, new SUV and that is what they found here at Goodfella's! This X5 came with the options they were looking for and it had lots of space for their dogs. We are so happy that we could find the perfect vehicle for them!
Bailey and William
Purchased a 2003 BMW X5
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Vanessa's Economical Suzuki Forenza
Vanessa and her dad came all the way from Silver Lake to buy her new 2006 Suzuki Forenza! She was looking for something economical and reliable, and we had the perfect car for her. Congratulations Vanessa, we enjoyed working with you!! -Maggie
Purchased a 2006 Suzuki Forenza
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Dave came all the way from Bakersfield for his 1992 GMC Sierra dually
Congratulations to Dave who made a trip all the way from Bakersfield, CA to purchase his 1992 GMC Sierra dually! All of us here at Goodfella's wish you safe travels back home and we truly appreciate your business, thanks Dave!! -Maggie and Jeff
Purchased a 1992 GMC Sierra
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Lexi bought her very own Mazda Protege!
Lexi saved up her own money to buy her first car! Lexi and her family were so easy to work with and we all appreciated their business here at Goodfella's! We hope you enjoy your new car, Lexi!!
Purchased a 1997 Maxda Protege
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Tanner's very own 2007 Nissan Maxima
Congratulations Tanner on your very own 2007 Nissan Maxima! This is the third vehicle that Tanner's family has purchased from Goodfella's. We really appreciate his loyal family's repeated business over the years here at Goodfella's! Tanner worked hard to save his money to put toward this Maxima. Good work Tanner, enjoy your new car! -Ronnie
Purchased a 2007 Nissan Maxima
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David drove long and far for his new Honda Pilot
Congratulations David on your 2007 Honda Pilot! Thank you so much for coming all the way to Washington to purchase your vehicle from Goodfella's. We all enjoyed doing business with you! Safe travels back to Whitefish, Montana! -Ronnie
Purchased a 2007 Honda Pilot
"Used USAA to find this dealership. Staff was friendly and very helpful. Ended up buying a Chevy from them and they made the whole process very easy and had no problems answering any questions I had. Had a slight hiccup in the process but they smoothed everything over and made this an extremely pleasant experience. I would recommend highly." Andrew A.
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Charlie's new and fun Volkswagen Beetle
Congratulations to Charlie and her mom on their second purchase with Goodfella's! Charlie and her mom were so fun to work with throughout this process and their repeated business means a lot to Goodfella's. Enjoy your new VW Beetle! -Ronnie
Purchased a 2012 Volkswagen Beetle
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Vanessa's new Toyota Matrix
Congratulations on your '03 Toyota Matrix, Vanessa! We hope you enjoy your new car! -Ronnie
Purchased a 2003 Toyota Matrix
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Pastor loves his new Chrysler Pacifica
Congratulations Pastor John on your 06 Chrysler Pacifica! Safe travels with the family to Minnesota! -Ronnie
Purchased a 2006 Chrysler Pacifica
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We had an excellent experience!
We had an excellent experience. Ronnie spent the entire day with us, without complaint. He was very knowledgeable about all of the cars we were interested in. He was also very informative about the company and the owners. We strongly encourage any perspective buyers to buy from Goodfella's! The company is wonderful! They are unlike any dealership out there! Tara took her time to make sure we got the best interest payment We are a military family and strongly recommend Goodfella's We left very pleased and excited to enjoy our new car! Visit Goodfella's You will leave feeling like one of the family!
Thank you!!
Katie and Wayne A.
Purchased 2008 Mercedes Benz ML350
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So excited about our new car! Jeff and Tara were so helpful and not pushy- We had a great experience!
Maggie and Dan Booher
2010 Mini Cooper
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2006 Mitsubishi Eclipse
They were very helpful and nice to deal with. Great customer service and works well for the customer. Cars are clean and reasonably priced. Would recommend to friends!
Tracy and Brandon Rose
Worked with John and Lani
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Multiple Car Buyer at Goodfella's
Goodfellas is BY FAR the best luxury pre-owned dealership in Tacoma! I have never been so happy with a car purchase as I've been with Goodfellas. I've bought my last two cars there and I will definitely be a return customer. The staff is so friendly and easy to work with. There are no high pressure sales and the staff genuinely want to help you find what you're looking for. They will work their magic to get you into your dream car. If customer service and pricing are important to you then I highly recommend everyone to stop by Goodfellas - you won't be disappointed!
Trixy Dorn
Purchased Volvo nd BMW X3
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Truck for a Truck
Worked with Ronnie McKillip- GREAT FOLKS! Not in a hurry to get you in the Sales Office. Take you at face value.
Rudolph Davis
Purchased 2009 Ford F-350
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Autotrader Lead
Goodfella's was incredible. You definitely get what you pay for. I would and will return to Goodfella's to purchase my future vehicles.
Dax Stanley
Purchased BMW 530i - worked with Tara, Lani and Carisa
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Friendly and Focused
Would definitely do business with them again!
Enjoyable service
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Leann gets a new NISSAN
Love these guys and they worked hard to help me! TY
Leann Lamm
Purchased 2007 Nissan Altima
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They are amazing
They are amazing!! Worked with me until they could make it happen!! I heart all of you at Goodfella's
Rebecca H.
Purchased a few years ago and will purchase again:)
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"My dogs love me!"

"I might not always need a work truck to haul concrete.... But when I do I buy from Goodfellas Motor on South Tacoma Way ..... And my dogs love me for it.... "

E. Stanley
It's cabin fix up time and this beauty will do the job!
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Surprise Birthday Present
THANK YOU "Goodfelllas Motor Company". You have ALWAYS treated Troy & our family the best. Thank you for ALL you have done for all of us now & in the past. You are the best!!! Sincerely , Barbara & John Russi
Troy and Chase Russi
Sweet 16 = Sweet Ride brought to Chase by Goodfella's Motor Co and DAD!
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Long time customer thanks to great customer service! Honest Company- worked with Tara Doyle-Enneking and Cole Gorman
T. McNultty
Purchased 2006 Dodge Charger -
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"Great cars!"
Love the new car! - Very appreciative.....
Jennifer K
Traded in 2013 Ford Mustand for Classic 911
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"Super smooth process for out of state sale"
Conducted 95% of the sale over the phone - travelled from Bend, OR- "Super smooth process! Would definitely recommend for in and out-of-state sales!"
Shawn H - Bend, OR
Purchased a 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8
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Pleasant and Efficient. No "Salesman' attitude. We enjoyed the experience. Paperwork with Tara was easy and clear.
Autrotrader referrals purchased 2005 Chrysler Crossfire from Zach Smith
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Cole and Zach
Really fantastic group of sales and finance guys. great experience.
Doug J
Purchased 2004 Dodge Ram 1500
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Dolly, Tara and Zach
Staff was very friendly and helpful to all of our needs in purchasing vehicles. 2.99% WOW!
Dave and Victoria O.
2002 Ford Explorer Sport Track
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Everything was great and went very smooth. Thanks for everything!
Neil H
2005 BMW X5
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On-Line Sales
I had a great experience! It was painless and fun at the same time.
Tracy R
1996 Dodge Dakota
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Jeff and Zach
We responded to an ad on Craigslist. Jeff and Zach have a very professional attitude, not pushy, informative and helpful. Enjoyable experience.
Ron Donna M.
Purchased a 2004 Cadillac XLR
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Jeff, Tara and Elle
My experience was great. Everyone was very nice and informable.
John W
Referred by a family friend
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Goodfella's Motor Co
Joe is a cheerful and knowledgeable person...I would recommend him to my family and friends!!
Karen H.
Purchased a 2003 Kia Optima
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Goodfella's Team "GREAT SERVICE"
I first came into contact with Goodfella's from driving by and calling in. I spoke to Tara and she eased my mind about going through a "Pre-Approval" process first to determine best options of cars for me. Both Zach and Tara were great to deal with. They called and helped me out immediately. I will be back again and will refer family and friends to come in and buy! I have no suggestions- GREAT SERVICE!
Gayle B.
Purchased a Mercury Cougar
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Referred by Great Customer Dan G, My son
I bought a BMW Z4 and a MBENZ C230 from Jeff. It was a great experience from the start. They were friendly, efficient and knowledgeable!
Alma H
Jeff and Zach helped me purchased two vehicles!
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"My Brother referred Me"
I love the people here and will be back again!! I love Cole, he was amazing like always and Zach helped us out a lot! LOVE GOODFELLA'S!!
Yolanda B.
Purchased a MBenz
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Goodfella's Manager - "VERY IMPRESSED w/COLE"
We spotted another vehicle first driving by. We were very impressed with the Professionalism, knowledge, honesty and integrity of salesperson, Cole. He and Zach worked in great tandem to provide an above and beyond customer experience. We are very thankful--KEEP COLE AND ZACH AROUND!!
Michael and Samaria C.
We purchased a Mercedes E500 from Cole
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Dolly and Zach
Dolly and Zach made our experience fast and easy. The process was pretty pain free and we appreciated their help!
Maigon O.
Purchased a Land Rover Discovery
Testimonial Image
Drive By Customer
The staff was outstanding. I truly enjoyed my visit and transaction with these folks!
Art D
I purchased a Ford Expedition from Cole
Testimonial Image
We worked with Jeff, Tara and Zach and once again our experience with all the staff at Goodfella's was a piece of cake! A professional, quick and easy process. Thank you so much!
Kelly and Tracy V
2005 Kia Sorento - Return Customers
Testimonial Image
Goodfella's Motor Co.
Worked with Dolly. It was a great experience from beginning to end - THANKS!
Roger R.
Purchased a 2006 BMW 3 Series
Testimonial Image
The #%&8 at a Ford Dealership tried to price compare their truck to yours...and yours was nicer and more affordable. :)
Cole and Zach were WONDERFUL- straight forward, didn't waste anytime and very helpful. Keep it up!!
Brian T.
Drove from Spokane to purchase a 2000 F250 Crew Cab
Testimonial Image
Goodfella's Motor Co
Cole and Zach were very helpful and went the distance to get me in a good car! I appreciate everything!!!
Darius Todd
Purchased a Saturn Ion2 - referred by a friend that bought a car here
Testimonial Image
Referred by Friend
Great to work with, made my experience very nice.
B. Benjamin
2003 BMW X5
Testimonial Image
Worked with Dolly, Jeff and Zach. "From the first email to the last signature, everything was awesome!"
K Fox
Purchased a 2003 Range Rover
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Mike and Tara
Referered by Brother Al - BEST EXPERIENCE EVER AT A CAR LOT!
Aldrick and Amanda Davis
2007 Chevy Avalanche and 2003 Acura TL - worked with Tara, Jeff and Zach
Testimonial Image
I worked with Elle, Jeff and Dolly. They are very nice people, very welcoming and a great experience. Everything went just perfect! LOVE MY NEW CAR!!
Purchased a gorgeous 2006 BMW ci Convertible
Testimonial Image
Goodfella's Motor Company
Overall experience with these two Gentleman (Cole and Zach) was EXTRAORDINAIRILY EXCELLENT! Keep on doing what you do as well as you are.
Enrique and Alicia Alcantar
Purchased 2006 BMW 750Li
Testimonial Image
Goodfella's Mgmt.
I found the car on the Internet. Cole Gorman was my Salesperson. Straight talk with a genuine passion in helping my family and I find a quality car. Thanks! KEEP SMILING!
Anthony Andrisk
Purchased BMW X5
Testimonial Image
Goodfella's Family
I found you through Autotrader. I initially worked with Jeff. He was a very nice person and very helpful. Then I went to pick up the car and Elle and Dolly were very friendly and helpful. Glad to see a family owned quality business! Thank you!
Maria M.
Purchased an '07 Mustang GT with only 13k mikes
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Goodfella's Fellas
My overall experience was AWESOME!!!!
Sgt. Jerez Jonas
Purchased 2005 BMW 745i - Short Sport!
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From Goodfella's Management, Tara Doyle-Enneking
We sold Mr. McVicker a 2002 Buick Regal with very low mileage about a year and a half ago. He recently visited our store wanting an upgrade with emphasis on reliability and extensive Warranty Protection. He was unsure how the whole process would work, so I first walked the lot with him to get an idea of what types of vehicles that he and his lovely Bride of many, many years would be comfortable driving at their respective ages of 85 years old. When it became clear that we had some options for him to consider he was anxious to drive a hard bargain and would of course need his "better half's" opinion. I suggested going through a very quick "Pre-Approval" process with me so we could determine precise interest rate, trade values and payments. I provided him the details for two different cars and scenarios along with the Book Sheets, deal structures, pictures of the cars and brochures of the warranty coverage. He was appreciative of the summaries provided to him for each car and felt that would be just enough information to have his wife join him the following day to select her car. We had the approvals solidified with the best interest rates for him along with both cars easily accessible for test driving when he arrived the next morning. Mrs. McVicker was just as spunky and pleasant as Mr. McVicker (Even more so, as she explained that earlier that morning she had received notice that her Pilot's License had been revoked--yes-- she still was flying planes! And that put her in a bad mood!) Her day was brighter as Dolly and Jeff worked together to demonstrate all of the features of the Lexus and Nissan they were considering. The Nissan with only 35k miles won and to have a car that you just push a button to start tickled them pink---We heard their life stories from being the Executive Director of an Oregon Humane Society, a TugBoat Captian, Owning a Pharmacy and adventures in the Navy. The entire experience made me very proud to work in this Industry where lives can so easily be changed with the piece of mind of a Quality and Reliable Car and that new "Leases on Life" can be shared when customer's start making plans to travel in their new car! We collectively were all very proud to know we extended them a great deal on a nearly new car with the best in warranty coverage to appease their nerves and alliviate the stress of driving a used car.
Mr. and Mrs. McVicker
Purchased a 2008 Nissan Altima
Testimonial Image
I heard about Goodfella's from a family recommendation. Tara and Zach provided Amazing Service! They took all the worry out of buying a car! Easy finance process! YAY!
Sarah Swanberg
Needed a good commuter car that was reliable. Purchased a loaded 2003 Honda Accord
Testimonial Image
I saw this car driving by Goodfella's on South Tacoma Way. Today was the best birthday ever! I'm so pleased with the level of Customer Service. Thanks for making this an easy hassle-free experience!
Vershean Mobley
Purchased a MBENZ CLK 430
Testimonial Image
We first noticed Goodfella's on the internet. We loved our experience! They are not a typical pushy dealership. They worked for us perfectly! THANK YOU!
Kenny and Liz H.
Purchased a 2007 Saturn Vue
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I purchased a 2005 Cadillac STS, 2006 Escalade and a 2004 BMW 530i over the past 2 years from Goodfella's. I worked with Zach, Dolly, Tara and Cole.
They are GREAT! Words alone could not fully explain or do proper justice in describing my overall experience. That's why I continue coming back and bringing others here as well.
My only suggestion would be for them to do a BUY 3 CARS GET ONE FREE! HAHA!
Robert Boulet
Bought 3 Cars from Goodfella's!
Testimonial Image
I worked with Cole, Zach and Tara. They were very punctual and friendly. I love the car and would work with them again!
Jeremy McClellan
Purchased a 2004 BMW M3
Testimonial Image
Goodfella's Motor Company
We found the vehicle on Autotrader and worked with Cole, Zach and Tara. They are great folks and worked very hard on getting the approval! AWESOME EXPERIENCE!!
Tony and Kim
Purtchased a 2005 Chevy Equinox
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Mike and Tara
We were referred in by our friend Cameron who purchased 2 cars from Goodfella's. Dolly was our Salesperson and the overall experience was great! They have very nice cars and reasonable prices.
Allison and Will
Purchased a 2006 Land Rover LR3
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We found the car on the internet. Everyone from Sales to Financing was incredibly kind and helpful. It was an AWESOME experience!! Came in, picked out my car, test drove it, then bought it! Smoothest and best vehicle purchase ever!!
Paige and Chris J.
Purchased a 2006 BMW 325i may purchase a 2nd one!
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Goodfella's Motor Company
I saw the Pontiac driving by Goodfella's. Buying the car was a great experience, with hard working Professionals. They were easy to work with. Cole was my Salesman.
Brian Holland
2007 Pontiac Grand Prix
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Best experience I have had buying a car. Jeff and Zach were really friendly and well organized. They made the whole process very easy.
Rachel Konoske
My Fiancee and I bought a 2010 Ford Fusion
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I saw the MBENZ CLK 430 in Auto Bee Magazine. I worked with Cole and Zach and Don at Reliable Credit for my Financing. My experience was great. Cole and Zach were extremely professional and a pleasure to do business with.
Trevor B.
Purchased Mercedes CLK 430
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Referred by internet and brother
Good Salesman, easy to work with and very thorough answering our questions and providing a very satisfying experience!! Things went great!!
George and Sherri Owings
Purchased a 2003 F350 Diesel from Jeff Glazebrook
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I drove from a distance to buy specialty car!
I learned about the El Camino from Craigslist. Everything went just fine. I was treated very fair and they were very polite people to work with. Keep up the honesty!!
Kenneth Dickinson
Purchased a 1967 El Camino from Jeff Glazebrook
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Buy from Goodfella's!
Our experience was GREAT!!! We tried MANY other places and kept getting denied. We came here and got a great deal!!!
Daniel Winebrenner
My wife and I purchased a 2003 Honda Pilot from Cole and Tara
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Craigslist/ Autrotrader Lead
Our buying experience was great!! We handled everything through email. We came up from out of area and bought the car within one hour. I only wish they were closer to Vancouver!!
Purchased a 2007 Chevy Tahoe from Jeff Glazebrook
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Referred By Steve Langston
Friendly, focused and enjoyable service. Would definitely do business with them again!!
Purchased a 2000 Chevy Corvette from Dolly and Mike
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Zach was a customer of mine at a cafe I work at. He worked very hard to get me approved and find me the perfect car!
Rhiannon Fullerton
Purchased a BMW 5 Series
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Future Goodfella's Customers
I was referred by my friend into Goodfella's. My overall experience was good. Dolly was very pleasant and easy-going.
Luke Duncan
Purchased an Audi A4 from Dolly
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To the Staff at Goodfella's
I purchased a MBENZ CLK 320 from Dolly. Everyone was very friendly. I love the animals and the very homey environment. Excellent customer service!!!
Carla Cortez
Referred by a friend that has purchased many cars here.
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Goodfella's Management
This was my second car from Goodfella's. They have good deals and I didn't get ripped off like have at other dealerships down the road. I have faith in the way they do good business.
Jordon Rott
Purchased an Infiniti G35 from Cole Gorman
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Goodfella's Motor Company
All I can say was it was the best!! #1 Satisfied Customer!!!
Anthony Simien
Purchased a 2006 Acura TL from Dolly and Ivy
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Jeff got me into a great car in a timely manner and was very polite! Financing was great too!
Tiffany Thompson
Purchased a 2006 Dodge Magnum from Jeff Glazebrook
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I learned about Goodfella's from the internet and friends. I was allowed to take this vehicle off the lot for an hour to test it's pulling power. Amazing service all around! Thanks!
David La Fave
Purchased '01 Toyota Tundra from Cole Gorman
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Zach was kind, friendly and helpful!! Thanks to Jeff as well for all of your patience and help!
Purchased a 2004 Nissan Xterra
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To Whom It May Concern
Fantastic! Good selection, clean cars and very knowledgeable and helpful staff. Continue with great attitudes and business practices!!
J. Rangel
Purchased a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee and Mazda Pick Up for my Kids from Ivy Enneking
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Goodfella's Staff
I have purchased 3 cars in the past 10 years from Mike and Tara and it has always been a friendly environment. They do anything and everything to make sure I get exactly what I want. I am also a happy camper when I leave here with a new car!!
Annabelle Fairburn
"All of my friends purchase cars here!" - My lastest purchase was a Honda Accord with Dolly.
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Product-wise the cars are very presentable, clean and reasonable in price. Staff are congenial and professional and of course considerate. I can't think of any improvements to suggest. Keep up the great work and good luck!
Purchased from Cole and Zach a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee for son.
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Goodfella's Motor Company Mgmt.
I was passing the dealership and spotted a very special truck that I was looking for since September 2010. When I drove up to the dealership at 7017 S. Tacoma Way I was greeted by Company Salesperson Zach Smith. He immediately started interacting with me in an extremely professional manner, forum and context. He showed me everything about the truck. He then got me the best deal that any customer could expect, ie: low a.p.r. and a good fair purchase price. He was an outstanding salesman. He represented Goodfella's in a manner, forum and context that would make the Owner/Managers very proud of his performance.
James Edward Norris
pPurchased from Zach Smith a 2005 Chevy Silverado 2500 H.D.
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I have been a loyal buyer for all of my vehicles and I start all of my shopping here.
I wouldn't think about going anywhere else until I check here first. They provide assistance on service, repair and details and have quality vehicles.
I bought my son his first vehicle at Goodfella's and will always be a loyal buyer. I love to come in and see the same faces and enjoy the family environment. I have been doing business with them for 8 years and plan to continue.
Ragu Alford
Purchased from Tara, Mike, Cole and Jeff at Goodfella's a Range Rover, Cadillac Escalade, BMW 745i, and an Oldsmobile Alero over the past 8 years.