ARGO, Sherp & Vanderhall vehicles for sale

ARGO, Sherp & Vanderhall vehicles for sale

Motorcycles, off-road, and all-terrain vehicles for sale

Go Anywhere since 1967 with an Argo amphibious UTV, Argo ATV, SHERP UTV, or take in the city sights in style with a Vanderhall Venice or Carmel. Whether your goal is to conquer the most remote locations with a vehicle equipped to take on any challenge or you’re looking for a unique vehicle to add to your collection, Goodfella’s is the exclusive dealer of Argo, SHERP, and Vanderhall vehicles in Washington state.

Roadsters & all-terrain vehicles for sale

ARGO dealers near me

Goodfella’s is the exclusive ARGO XTV and ATV 90cc to 1000cc vehicle dealer in Washington state. Check out the brand-new 2022 ARGO Conquest Outfitter 8x8, ARGO Aurora 800, ARGO Frontier 700, and more options or let us know which ARGO 8x8 or 6x6 model you’re looking for and we can get it for you with nationwide shipping available.

Sherp dealer near me

Go wherever your business needs or adventuresome spirit takes you with a Sherp vehicle designed to withstand the toughest of conditions. Goodfella’s is the exclusive Sherp dealer in Washington state with nationwide shipping available. Sherp takes the concept of an amphibious side-by-side and scales it for commercial, governmental, and extreme adventuring needs with seating for up to 10 people in the new Sherp Pro XT.

Vanderhall dealer near me

Get the 3-wheel car you’ve been dreaming of with quality cycle-car from Vanderhall available exclusively at Goodfella’s Motor Company in Tacoma. From the streets of Seattle to the mountains and beyond, enjoy the exceptional ride and handling of a Vanderhall Blackjack, Vanderhall Carmel or Vanderhall Venice roadster.

See new ARGO and Sherp vehicles from many angles

Off-road floating vehicles for sale

Adventure without limitations thanks to the all-terrain, amphibious vehicles from ARGO and Sherp. Designed to withstand even the toughest conditions and terrain, these extreme vehicles are engineered to navigate over land and through water with ease. ARGO 8x8 amphibious vehicles like those in the Aurora line are designed for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts to easily get to even the most remote areas through bogs, swamps, sand, and more. Sherp offers larger-scale amphibious vehicles ideal for commercial and governmental needs. Both brands offer:

ATV & UTV body styles that pack a big punch in a small footprint

Amphibious 8x8 options

Accessories to outfit your rig to your specific needs

For many years, consumers have trusted their riskiest and most difficult expeditions to SHERP and ARGO. In addition to offering land and amphibious solutions, SHERP also offers SHERP Shuttle, a boat designed to carry multiple SHERP vehicles over water at speeds up to 60km/h.

How much do ARGO, SHERP, and Vanderhall vehicles cost?

ARGO, SHERP, and Vanderhall vehicles come in a variety of price ranges for adventurers of varying needs. Here are some of the most popular models.

ARGO 950 SX Huntmaster 8x8

Price starting at $29,799 + freight & set-up


6 passengers overland, 4 over water


V-twin 4-stroke EFI gas engine with 30HP

Tire size:

25” tires with 9” AirLock™ steel rims

ARGO 800 SX Huntmaster 8x8

Price starting at $28,699 + freight & set-up


9 passengers


V-twin 4-stroke EFI gas engine with 33HP 3-cylinder 55HP diesel engine

Tire size:

25” tires with 9” AirLock™ steel rims

Sherp XT Pro

Price starting at $130,999 + freight & set-up


6 passengers overland, 4 over water


3-cylinder 55HP diesel engine

Tire size:

71” tires with 24” clearance

Vanderhall Carmel Blackjack

Price starting at $37,950 + freight & set-up


2 passengers


1.5L 4-cylinder turbo

Tire size:

19” gloss black wheels

Vanderhall Venice

Starting at $29,950 + freight & set-up


2 passengers


1.5L direct-injected 4-cylinder turbo

Tire size:

18” machine-faced wheels

Common questions about ARGO, Sherp, and Vanderhall vehicles

What is an ARGO vehicle?

ARGO is a premier manufacturer of amphibious all-terrain vehicles. ARGO manufactures traditional-looking 4x4 UTVs with enhanced power and capability as well as several 6x6 (6-wheeler) and 8x8 (8-wheeler) options for those looking to carry up to 8 people over land or 4 over water. ARGO vehicles are designed to handle rough terrain while driving over land and their one-piece amphibious underbody seamlessly transitions into the water to allow the vehicle to float and maneuver through swamps and open water. The new ARGO Aurora 800 SX Huntmaster and ARGO Aurora 950 SX Huntmaster are the most advanced and powerful UTV models available. With ARGO Progressive Steering and new transmissions that increases torque by 28%, this all-terrain utility vehicle is ready for whatever the landscape brings.

What is a Sherp vehicle?

SHERP utility task vehicles are designed to move on any surface and overcome the most difficult of natural obstacles. These amphibian utility vehicles are crafted to help rescuers, geologists, oil workers, hunters, and extreme drivers go over or through nearly any kind of terrain. The Sherp XT Pro, the newest version of the Sherp N, is larger with more power, capacity, and capability. Like the Sherp N, the Sherp Pro can take passengers nearly anywhere with the ability to drive or float through gravel, sand, peat, dunes, snow, ice, ponds, lakes, frozen waters, and more. The Sherp XT Pro comes with 72” tires to allow for 24” clearance, a cockpit that is 30% larger with digital controls, and the ability to seat up to 10 people with bench seats. The Sherp XT Pro can operate in temperatures from -40°F to 104°F and investing in three Sherp XT Pro units is less expensive than a single Sherp Ark, but allows for increased flexibility and safety by having multiple vehicles.

What is a Vanderhall vehicle?

Vanderhall Motor Works is renowned for crafting exceptional quality roadsters like the Vanderhall Venice and Vanderhall Carmel. Known for their cycle-cars with Formula 1-inspired suspension and 6-speed automatic transmission, Vanderhall vehicles are designed for an outstanding balance of performance and fuel economy with head-turning style. The Vanderhall Brawley, the newest addition to the Vanderhall vehicle family is a fully electric adventure vehicle designed to provide exceptional recreational motoring with more than 20 inches of suspension travel, a charge range of 200 miles, and a luxurious cabin.

How is an ARGO ATV different?

ARGO has been building quality off-road vehicles since 1967. The ARGO ATV Xplorer line, 90cc to 1000cc topping out at 82 hp, is perfect for folks looking to get extra power overland with the same small footprint of a traditional 4-wheeler. The ARGO Magnum (coming Spring 2022) is the first side-by-sides coming to the ARGO vehicle family. But ARGO options don’t stop there — ARGO is known for creating utility vehicles that don’t just go off-road, they go past where the road ends! Adventurers, hunters, and others who need to go not just over the hills and through the woods but through swamps, bogs, ponds, and muddy conditions can get where they’re going with the dependable power and reliability of the ARGO Frontier and ARGO Aurora models of amphibious 6x6 and 8x8 vehicles.

What are the available Vanderhall vehicle models?

Vanderhall cycle-cars are available in three different models with several trim levels available. The Vanderhall Carmel Blackjack is the base model in the Carmel series which also offers the Carmel, Carmel GT, and Carmel GTS. The Vanderhall Venice is the base model of that series and is also available as the Venice GT and Venice GTS. The newest Vanderhall vehicle, the Brawley, is only available for pre-order at the moment but is expected to also be offered in multiple trim levels.

Vanderhall, Sherp, and ARGO models

Find out which of these unique vehicles is the best choice for your unique needs and style. For more than 20 years, Goodfella’s has been selling quality new and used vehicles of all types to people in and around Tacoma, Washington, and beyond. Let our expert staff members help you find the right vehicle for your needs.

ARGO ATV - Xplorer series

Get the power, maneuverability, and quality vehicle construction you deserve with the Xplorer series. Traditional full-size models have the premium off-road performance and control that ARGO is known for and specialized models are designed for kids age 12 and older with many safety features straight from the factory including an adjustable throttle to limit speed and a remote shut-off switch option.

ARGO XTV - Conquest series

Nothing gets in the way of the ARGO Conquest 800 Outfitter and Conquest 950 Outfitter models. High altitudes, water, and rough terrain are no problem for this 8x8 all terrain vehicle delivers a smooth ride with nearly any trail conditions.

ARGO XTV - Aurora series

A full amphibious XTV body makes this the perfect vehicle to conquer obstacles whether you’re at work or play. This modern-day land-and-water warrior is ready to take on nature’s toughest challenges on your next hunting adventure.

ARGO 6x6 - Frontier series

The ARGO Frontier six-wheeled amphibious vehicle is the base model of the ARGO amphibious vehicle that start at $10,999. The Frontier models deliver the same dependable power and reliability in a smaller footprint with smooth handling for new and seasoned outdoor enthusiasts.

Sherp - N 1200

The Sherp N 1200 is the most advanced four-wheel-drive business solution ever built. With a 35° climb descent, 30° tilt, and ability to climb over obstacles up to 1 meter in height, the Sherp N 1200 is the most efficient off-road transportation option. The Sherp N1200 can replace an ATV, snowmobile, boat, hovercraft, and manpower allowing you to transport people and cargo no matter the terrain.

Sherp - Firefighting UTV

Get the ultimate solution in fighting forest fires. The Sherp Firefighting UTV has a 1,000L flexible water tank, a 2,600+ loading capacity, up to 65 hours of autonomy, and ownership costs of just $7 per hour. Deliver fuel, supplies, water, and rescuers to where they’re needed most.

Sherp - Sherp the Ark

Go anywhere and stay for longer with the Sherp Ark. With room for 22 passengers and fuel autonomy for up to 82 hours, the Ark’s all-wheel control system allows the driver to switch between different driving modes and reach the most remote places on Earth with ease.

Sherp - Sherp Pro

Overcome boulders, fallen trees, and other obstacles up to 3 feet in height and float through marshes and deep snow with the Sherp Pro. Enjoy 115 hours of fuel autonomy with 2,204lbs of loading capacity and a maximum speed of 25 miles per hour.

Sherp - Sherp the shuttle

Get your Sherp fleet where you need it faster with Sherp the Shuttle. With a maximum speed of 37 miles per hour and the ability to fit up to two Sherp vehicles, this dual-engine boat can make crossing any body of water a breeze with the ability to launch and return right from the water.

Vanderhall - Brawley

Style, class, all-terrain. The Brawley is bringing a new style and elevated comfort and luxury off-road with the fully electric Brawley series coming in Spring 2022.

Vanderhall - Carmel

Enjoy the overt class and cunning artistry paired with luxury and convenience in this 2-door access 3-wheeled roadster. Experience the open air and sunshine or stay protected from the elements with a removable cap shade and included 2-year Roadside Assitance and 2-year Limited Warranty.

Vanderhall - Venice

A grand touring vehicle designed for the tastes of the most refined drive, the Venice is the epitome of an instant adventure that makes even a trip to the grocery store into a stylish event. Enjoy the classic Vanderhall Venice or choose to upgrade to the Venice GT or GTS for more options and features.